4D Sound announces Circadian

4D sound is not a piece of music exactly, but rather a concept that turns the idea of “listening” on its head completely. It’s the only system can that truly lay claim to the term, listening experience, and the concept is currently resonating with the Formant for the next step they intend to deploy in their evolution. Circadian is a 24 hour programme of interactive spatial sound performances that investigates how spatial listening influences conscious states throughout day and night. Thus far the system has been involved in the world of avant garde Techno, finding new ways to interpret the clubbing experience, but with Circadian it looks set to delve it to the world of the sound- art and design with Lisa Park, Marco Donnarumma & Kazuya Nagaya announced as some of the artists that will be involved in the project. The performances will be accompanied by a visual element with Florence To and John Connell from 4D sound presenting Noqturnl, “an overnight audiovisual meditation exploring collective dreamstate.”

According to the press release there seems be a lot of emphasis on bridging the gap between the human state of the mind and the auditory experience through the circadian rhythms that dominate our sleep-wake cycle. Lisa Park and Marco Donnarumma will be using biotechnologies to create- and interpret the musical resul,t while techno artist Oscar Mulero will be bringing his Muscle and Mind album to the spatial plane. The project looks set to be part science experiment, part immersive musical listening experience, and it’s unclear what reaction 4D sound hope to achieve with this technologically advanced system. Whatever it may be it’s sure to be unique, as they approach delve further into the final frontier of music, space. Circadian will premier at TodaysART 2015 in the Hague Netherlands and run from the 24th to the 27th of September. You can read more about it here.