55 with Golden Retriever and Hilde Marie Holsen

Slide1For the next edition of 55 and in the spirit of Kulturnatt (unaffiliated) and Ultima (also unaffiliated) we look to the artists currently pushing the boundaries of music within Oslo. Hilde Marie Holsen is a horn player that manipulates her instrument in the digital domain and brings expressive layers of dense melancholic tones to the fore. Her debut album Ask has received much critical acclaim and her live shows have found audiences absolutely mesmerised by the effect of her work as a solo artist. It will probably be one of the few times you’d be able to see this artist for free in an intimate space, since her career trajectory has plotted a course far exceeding our humble event. She’ll be setting a sombre tone ahead of Golden Retriever, a noise outfit that finds new limits to their expression in the harsh tones of happy discontent. Morten Minothi Kristensen manipulates a no-input mixer for this project while Brage Tormænen serendipitously counteracts through percussion, converging in a rhythmical and tonal assault that will leave the listener with too many feelings to process. Earplugs will be provided!

Hilde Marie Holsen 

Golden Retriever 

Read our interview with Golden Retriever here and look out for our interview with Hilde Marie Holsen next week.

Mir (Toftes Gate 69, 0552 Oslo)
21:00 – 01:00
Free Entry