55 with Ivaylo

Ivaylo, the man behind Bogota records and Jæger’s Te Dans events will be joining us on the 9th of October for our next instalment of 55. The Bulgarian producer and DJ, will appear in this latter role, bringing his formidable experience to Mir’s decks as he sets the mood for the evening ahead. Ivaylo’s sets like to play in the deeper end of the spectrum of House and Techno, his signature edits pulling a unique thread through the music he selects, all anchored in the love of the party. We’ve asked the DJ to bring this love next Friday and with no other pre-requisite than that, Ivaylo is free to let loose and show you all once again what his years of experience has taught him. The event takes place on the eve of his next release, Future Past (the remixes). Featuring remixes from Johnny Fiasco and Jay Tripwire – which will most certainly find their way into his set – Ivaylo keeps it in the family with this Bogota release, forging ahead on his quest as the last deep soldier.

Mir (Toftes Gate 69, 0552 Oslo)
20:00 – 01:00
Free Entry