Adesse Versions – Pride

Emerging out of the depths of the low end, Pride arrives at our ears with slow mournful bass, bathed in an ethereal reverb and delay that stirs the very core of the soul. By the time the vocal contributes with “you aint got no kind of feeling inside”  the depth of the track punctuated by the steady 808 track propels the listener directly from the pelvis. It’s a show stopper track whose catchy vocal hook will linger in the listener’s consciousness for some time after. The vocal can be negated however on the dub version for those functionalists out there, but the biological presence is the real calling card of the track. On the flip is First Time, a loungey house anthem a la Frankie Knuckles. It does little however to grab the attention of Pride and you’ll find yourself flipping back almost immediately to the beginning.