Bill Kouligas and Amnesia Scanner collaborate on Lexachast

Reaching us via email yesterday was a very abstract message from PAN:

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The message was accompanied with a link taking the spectator to a website called Lexachast, where a gallery of images slowly drift in and out of focus with the words Amnesia Scanner and Bill Kouligas Lexachast  15:38 2015 emblazoned in the foreground. There’s no literal description of the work or what it might entail, but it’s safe to assume that this is just a presentation for the work to follow. Factmag reported that visual artist Harm van den Dorpel is also involved so it must be some sort of multimedia work that will likely see the light of day sometime in the near future. For the moment the website gives us brief auditory and visual hints at what this project might actually entail through ratchety percussion and provocative sound design accompanying diverse images.