Christian Piers – Beat Wiser

After two very entertaining releases from the label heads, Dusky have invited Christian Piers to the 17 Steps family for their third instalment. Christian’s previous outings for Source Unknown were carefully constructed House productions with a raw edge that had certain similarities to Motor City Drum Ensemble. For this outing he has drifted off in slightly harder territory in the spirit of 17 Steps. The title track features a chunky acid-tech riff that get’s accompanied by various percussive elements along the way falling in and out of earshot at just the right times to encourage the right reaction from a dancing audience. Similarities to Matrixxman could be drawn. Off is a weighty track that is the perfect introduction to the 12″ as it stutters along through heavy 808 kicks, which eventually find their feet in a steady 4/4 beat that anchors the clatter of the snare and hats. On is on the flip and remains true to the polyrhythmic theme of the album, acting as a suitable conclusion to opener Off.