Clapping music – Breach and Cinnaman in conversation

Breach_cinnmanJanuary 13th 12:00. How are you?
Ben “Breach” Westbeech: I’ m great. I’m in the studio at the moment working on my next EP for Aus. Loving it!
Yuri “Cinnaman” Boseli: Can I come by later to pick my headphones up?
B: Cool, they’re at my house, but we can just crab a coffee or something.
Y: Ok, I have to play tomorrow in Florence so I need them.So, the Interview.

Ben and Yuri are friends before they are collaborators. Living in close proximity to each other in Amsterdam, they often meet up for the odd coffee or friendly football match. They’ve recently collaborated on a 12” for Ben’s Naked Naked label and the pair were in a boisterous mood. I call them up to find out more about the release, but I wonder where did it all start?
B: We’d been friends for years and started DJing together a bit more when I moved to Amsterdam. Yuri has been great in getting me settled, introducing me to really nice people. We’ve been close friends for ages since and we liked the way each other played and thought we should try a tune.
B: We made like four tunes.
Y: Yes, something like that, four or five. The first one was called Pistache. (pronounced pistash).
B: Like the nut. That one didn’t make it to the record unfortunately. (laughs)

Out of those four or five two tracks managed to stand out of the rest for the two artists. Liberty and Avocado made it on to the 12” after testing them out on different audiences.
B: We really enjoyed playing with them and playing them out. They just felt right in our DJ sets.
Y: I remember awakenings where you played Liberty for the first time. That was amazing!
B: That one is getting amazing reactions from the dance floor.
Y: I remember I was playing panorama bar and I was getting goose bumps, because everybody started clapping when the drop came. And I was like; oh my gosh. It didn’t happen with any of the other tunes and I’ve actually never experienced that before. It’s weird; Liberty makes people clap.
B: With Liberty, we had Trouw in mind when making it. Yuri brought his dad’s synth in.
Y: Yeah the Access Virus.
B: Your dad gave it to you, right.
Y: Yeah
B: We made the bass-line with that and used the Oberheim obx and that was it.

Liberty’s progressive nature is contrasted with Avocado’s two-step feel on the A-side.
B: I guess avocado is less dance floor focussed.
Y: Avocado started as a filter disco track and we ended up here. It’s quite different than the stuff we normally do and I think its a step further than our DJ steps.
B: I think it’s quite a quirky track. Remember we couldn’t get the snare right on it for ages and then we moved the snare and it gave it that off-beat step.

The EP’s clear focus on the dance floor is something inherent in Ben and Yuri’s experience as DJs. It was exactly behind the booth where the pair met and got to know each other instinctively before making the move to write music together.
Y: We met at Trouw playing back to back all night.
B: We were sharing a DJ space next door to each other for six months when we decided to work together. It took a few tunes to get into each other’s headspace, because DJing is a bit different than making music. It eventually got really natural. We had real fun making the EP and we might make another one, maybe we could even do a project. It’s always a possibility. I think it’s just about time for both of us. Doing a bigger project might loose something it had.
Y: Yeah, it needs to be fun. I worked with Tom Trago back in the day as a project and then there was way to much pressure. Paul Graig invited us to work in his studio and then it just collapsed, because there was too much pressure.

The conversation then returned to Trouw and the last night.
B: I was there for the last night with Yuri, just hanging out. It was intense
Y: So intense, so many people. It was really nice, a good end for the club. It was so busy and there were more rooms open. There was an extra place where red-light radio recorded. I was supposed to do an interview there and ended up playing a set, back-to-back with Joy O. It even got emotional in the end. I was like man, when is this shit gonna stop. Fuck you, I’m not gonna stop, I’m gonna play on so I played like 40 minutes longer than I was supposed to, because I was playing the lasts set in the verdieping.

All good things must come to an end eventually and the same goes for Yuri’s resident night Colors…
Y: We just want to give it a rest, because it was a Trouw night. We are not sure if we are gonna go on with it. We are gonna leave it for a couple of months and then see where we go with it. It was a Trouw thing. In a way it is also a shame if you throw away what you build but sometimes its good to start new stuff.

Conversation ends.