Flammer Dance Band – Mer / Holder Rytme

Deep in the heart of Oslo beats a primordial rhythm. It resonates with the pulse of its African predecessors, traverses the furthest reaches of contemporary vibrations, travelling in the wake of danskebåten-kitsch for a truly original and refreshing take on stagnant fusion traditions. They’re called Flammer Dance Band and after releasing their self-titled debut onto the world, two years ago, they’re back with a brand new 7”.

Between drums, bass and percussion, Flammer Dance Band evoke the sounds of seventies fusion, channeling it onto a modern aesthetic, where a dance floor emerges in some mycelial haze. Based around a group of real-life cartoon characters with names like Torb Roach and Jelly Jels, Flammer Dance Band were forged in the bowels of the informal Hausmania settlement, where a DIY attitude and unbounded creativity has informed their music. There’s a care and attention that goes into each record which reflects through the music and artwork back to concept. 

Mer and holder rytme delivers more of the same they established on their debut LP. One-liner anthemic lyrics delivered in cat-calling stutters, hide very little subversive meaning as Torb Roach calls out for “more” or to “hold the rhythm” with an inkling of James Brown’s ghost raised from the dead. Torb’s manngled voice, lingering around a Barry White register, is something alien in the otherwise familiar funk-like arrangements. Everything coalesces around the groove in FDB’s music, which is almost manic in its timing, as bass, drums and percussion, establish the mood of each track, while saxophone, keys and guitar take turns in accompaniment, only ever really reinforcing what’s happening at the fundamental levels of each track 

Stripping elements back to the foundations, their arrangements feel uncluttered as organic sounds find their place on a modern dance floor. Mer and holder rytme bear the flaming torch for a return to a more organic take on dance music, with the band solidifying the sound they’ve established on their debut LP with this new single.