Gerry Read and Kevin Mcphee – FRUMMPPP

Gerry Read and Kevin Mcphee have joined forces once again on Fourth Wave for their first track together since 2011’s Demolition man. Read and Mcphee’s heavy-hitting house fronts Frummppp with a pounding assault designed for the dance floor, but whereas Demolition man used vocal samples to lure the listener in to the track, FRUMMPPP relies on a wobbling synthesiser that dominates the lower mids while a big beat takes care of the rest. The repetitive nature of the track is more DJ tool than stand-alone track as it offers very little else other than those two essential parts. It’s only during the remix we get a new dimension to the track. The samples on this occasion are more effective than the frummppp-ing synth and results in  a track that comes across as more rounded than the original, while representing very little of the original. It’s closer to the appeal of their 2011’s demolition man and also the star track of this 12″.