Gerry Read – Socialize

Following a brief excursion over on Will Saul’s AUS label, Gerry Read is back on home turf with a 12” release for Fourth Wave. Socialize sees the producer add another notch to his already prolific belt, which is quite astonishing considering he is only in the 21st year of his existence. This release also marks a slight shift for the London-based producer in my opinion, taking that darker sound he has been cultivating further down the rabbit hole with the first part. Socialize, the title track sees the warm chords from previous house-influenced releases negated for a more adventurous sound palette closer to that of stark industrial environments of Techno. The dub-influenced bass-lines are still there but covered in a layer of more abrasive textures. A lengthy intro might dissuade an impatient listener or two, but then again this track is not in that practical DJ-friendly form we’ve come to expect from Mr. Read. The ambiguous abstracted vocal sample is the only element to exist in the way of a hook.

Gerry returns with a more house orientated sound on the B-side Charcoal however. A deeper-than-deep filter bass-line grounds a steady House beat for the most part of it. Warm legato chords come in during the middle eight to establish the sound I’ve come to know from Gerry Read. Part 2 carries on where we left Gerry during his last release for Fourth Wave. A sludgy deep-end built on House foundation with the ubiquitous vocal sample thrown in for the vocally tuned listener. It will definitely make an impression on fans and DJs alike, while the first half caters for the more adventurous listener. It goes to cement Gerry Read’s already glowing reputation and throws us a little curve ball as to his future. He doesn’t look content in towing the line on this 12” as Socialize goes to prove. It’s certainly not a track that will sit comfortably alongside the rest of is catalogue or for that matter the other side of this 12”, but it does make for an interesting development along the producer’s career path.