Glice – 51433213

Ruben Braeken and Melle Kromhou, are two Amsterdam based musicians who have came together to remedy the nature of their other pop-informed musical projects, Katadreuffe, Apneu and Fata ‘al Moustache’ Morgana. Glice was the noisy result of adventures in the marginal and 51433213 is the first EP from the duo after their debut single, h. Focussing on elements of noise and drone, Glice create disturbing atmospheres that squeal, squeak and distort, in short very explosive bursts. Their effect is immediate, and they never find the time to languish around in some self-obsessed daze. It gives their music an apathetic punk feel that you’d probably have noticed already in the titles of the tracks and the EP. is the only occasion where the the duo, prepares the listener for an eventual assault by slowly building up to the dark noise that awaits the listener 3 minutes in. The modulating drone that eventually resolves in to that moment, is all the warning you get, as it restlessly flits about in a very portentous fashion. applies a sense of rhythm to the occasion as the glitching elements jump up and down in the dynamic field, while and are more sustainably noisy as they drone along their existence. Glice comes across as a band that thrives in the self-expression of their instruments, but are controlled in the execution of their music to avoid the basic effect of self-absorbed indulgence.

Some words about Glice:

Striving for a sound that is experimental, but never pretentious, Glice is not concerned with fixed meanings. They leave it up to the listener. Mainly using lo-fi equipment, the musical approach is improvisational, but highly focused, free, but with a keen ear for detail. No ego, just ears.