Grøn – Morning Light on Cold Coffee

Bjarke Rasmussen, the man behind Copenhagen-based label Infinitive Waves, is not merely content running a label, a label which has brought some of the most impressive music from the likes of Hydra and Assembler to our attention from the last couple of years. He also likes to don the artistic cap from time to time, and has done so remarkably well in the past as one half of duo Panama Mirrors and as his solo project Grøn, with music that occupies the space between ambience and Musique Concréte so effortlessly that it should be it’s own musical movement. It’s in the guise of Grøn that Bjarke makes his return to the artist’s chair, with Morning Light on Cold Coffee. The six-track cassette, is a vast blank canvas in which to disappear through introspective thought as we stare into our own cold coffee in the cold light of a new day. From the lead track, Fear flew away in little pieces of Light, Grøn gently eases us into a calm quietude with slow repetitive motifs unwinding texturally in the general ambience of our reality, like an unconscious mantra that drifts out into the atmosphere, all around the listener. Everything about the cassette is a remarkable and consistent exercise in constraint, subtly enhancing the environment, as it forms part of your everyday listening experience without ever forcing itself on the listener. The drip from a leaky faucet, the birdsong from outside the window, and the drone of people on their morning commute, dissolves through the sonic tapestry like the slow, persistent glide of a glacier over a rock.

But Grøn doesn’t reside himself completely to nature, and the sound of electronic mites gnawing their way through the ponderous surface exterior of those lush pads on a track like Superficial hide something of the digital reality in which we find ourselves. Grøn makes for an interesting listening experience as these foreign entities in the music get folded over into the slow, steady pulse of simple synthetic harmonic structures that wade just far enough into your conscious stream to manifest themselves without ever subjugating the natural stimulating sonic environment they form part of. Simplistic in design and effortless in beauty, Grøn’s Morning Light on Cold Coffee makes for a very rounded and listening experience that can be played on repeat in the background infinitely. It might have been a brief adventure into the recording realm again for Bjarke Rasmussen, but it’s one that shows Bjarke is able to distance himself from administrating the label, in pursuit of pure artistic expression, and inadvertently setting the bar for Infinite Waves pretty high.