Ink Project ft Fifi Rong – Runaway Ritual

A  wiry guitar sliding through a short blues riff constitutes the central theme for a track laid on a bed of  processed beats and fronted by the wispy vocals of Fifi Rong. The electronic soul collective Ink Project immediately inspire associations with the nineties trip-hop sound from the likes of Portishead and Tricky on Runaway Ritual, the first single from an album due later in the year. The single manages to take some of that rough aesthetic of blues and soul and transplant it alongside the slow-moving pads and electronic beats of our generation. A raspy trumpet often takes centre stage during an extended bridge, and its appeal is immediate. Nate Connelly and Seahawks eye offer remixes in their distinct voices, with Connelly bringing an erratic arrangement to life in a pop development with Fifi’s vocals taking centre stage as in the original. Seahawks eye’s subdued psychedelic track focusses more on slow moving ambience, Rong’s vocal lazily sliding above it in soft spoken tones while still maintaing the same popular form. Wile those remixes manages to keep the crux of the track alive, Submotion orchestra’s Dom Ruckspin’ brings a completely new dimension to Runaway ritual, avoiding the appeal of the vocal in favour of a dubtsep inspired track dotted with succinct electro-stabs and snare rolls for those looking for something a little more livelier,