Introducing Panama Mirrors – Stream Moonlit Towers

Panama Mirrors is the latest duo to make it out to us by way of Infinate Waves, a very exciting burgeoning label out of Denmark. Their debut EP Moonlit Towers swims in ethereal, misty electronics and stark atmospheric pressures. It evokes images of a frozen arctic that’s moving to the pulse of a city and the listener is invited into the deepest depths of the music through very minimalists arrangements that remind us of Oneothrix Point Never’s earlier works. The Scandinavian Duo who goes by Bjarke and Michel individually, are on the threshold of their career and if this two-track offering is anything to go by, their future looks bright. We’ve been given the opportunity to stream the title track, and while you get lost in the intimate textures, you can read a little more about Panama Mirrors in this introductory Q&A.

Can you tell us a little about who you are and what you sound like?

Panama Mirrors sounds like a abrasive ambient soundscapes and melodies with undertones of melancholy.

What does the name Panama Mirrors mean?

Panama Mirrors is taken from the book “The Yage Letters” by Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs, which is a collection of letters and other writings by the authors. Which is a bit like the way our music was made – as the tracks has been sent from Stockholm to Copenhagen and vice versa.

What’s the first Instrument you learned to play and how has your music developed since then?

Bjrake: I started playing guitar when I was 16 or 17 years old. For many years I played in different rock bands and such. But then started playing more electronic music about 4 or 5 years ago.

Michel: I still haven’t really learned to play any instrument. More like scratched the surface. But I guess the first instrument I learned the most of was my dearly beloved Nord Lead 1.

I’ve just received your release via Infinite Waves. Is this the first piece of music you’ve released?

Yes, this is the debut, but we’re already working on new music.

What’s this release all about?

About two guys making music at a distance, sending bits of music, sounds and noises to each other and then figuring out where to place the pieces of the puzzles.

Are there any notable influences that you’d like to share?

Bjarke: I try not to think of other artists/influences when i’m recording new music, though i know it’s impossible not to. I think the most inspiring thing is new gear.
Michel: Same as above.

How would define the execution of these two tracks and is it something you hope the listener would recognise?
This is a new collaboration and as this is our first release there is definitely so much more to discover.

Where would you recommend we listen to these songs?

Panama would be the obvious choice, but it absolutely also fits a cold Scandinavian evening.

What does Panama Mirrors sound like  in the future?

We really haven’t talked that much about the future. This whole thing started out as we both liked each other’s solo projects, and we both thought we could hit it off together.