Len Sander – Places

Len Sander have not taken a break since Phantom Gardens, continuously making music during the process of releasing that album. Mouthwatering records have taken up the batten and have released he first single from the group since their magnificent debut. Blanka’s recognisable vocals cut through a clean guitar’s simple harmonic framework, her vocal chords stretching to reach the height of that blackbird in the sky she sings about. An upbeat synth-pop riff takes Places into dance territory, while Blanka’s lyrics continue to search the depths of her romantically broken heart, as it did on the Len sander’s previous album. The single is accompanied by some manipulated footage taken from “Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women”, a sixties sci-fi b-movie that shifts the sentiment of Blanka’s lyrics about migration of the soul into further galaxies. Places is an instantly gratifying pop song with a melody that won’t leave your head after hearing and a compositional form that won’t conform to popular trend. It solidifies Len Sander appeal as a group that blends the innovation of electronic music with the appeal of music that speaks to its audience on a universal level.