Listen: Femme en Fourrure – Seer / Eaten

Femme En Fourrure are back with a new double A-Side on their own FEF Corp, imprint. After last year’s Smell EP, which saw the duo embark into more pop-focussed territory, they’ve returned with a record that sees Sandra Tervonen and Juuso Malin once again travelling into new dimensions with everything from trance to eighties pop filtering into the two track effort. Seer and Eaten find FEF departing from the darker side of their musical nature for something far more uplifting, with layer upon layer of synthesisers creating dense evocative atmospheres from which the voice of Tervonen and Stiletti Ana croon through a misty haze. The down-tempo productions, that build on a popular music form once again find the Finnish Duo evolving through into new versions of the band, while that intrinsically musical nature to the group remain the thread that runs through it all on this release, albeit a somewhat lighter interpretation. You can stream the two tracks below.