Listen: Franck Vigroux – Sun

Taken from Franck Vigroux‘s upcoming LP, which follows his collaborative album with Mika VainioSun is not so much a track, but rather a pivot point it seems between musical worlds. What is born into the world as irreverent, ingratiating noise gives way to an innocent vocoder, an unsuspecting nod in the direction of Laurie Anderson, while menacing kicks and repetitive bass line encourages the return of noise elements that never quite return, but instead give way to the kind of warm enveloping sonic atmosphere that a church organ could inspire.

It’s only a snippet of the album Rapport sur le Désordre, which sees Vigroux create a delectable world of tension that I suspect hardly resolves throughout the LP.  Several  tracks on the LP can be found in Centaure, the performative audio-visual show created with video producer and Werktank founder Kurt D’Haeseleer, but we’ll have yet to see how they will play out in the album context when it’s released on the 19th of September.