Listen: The Recognition – Jackin’ Beats

Producer and DJ, Tellstroem’s new label, Djupet has launched today as a platform for free download material from artists close to the Swede.  The Recognition has the honours of inaugurating the label, with Jackin’ Beats, a title that throws you completely off the scent of the track that lies behind it. Jackin’ Beats meanders with a slow purposeful gate, spacing the beats just out of reach of the other so that a sticky bass line has to merge them into a concise rhythm section. The Skudge affiliate producer, swathes everything in a electrifying atmosphere with pitchy metallic percussion, and stuttering chords swathed in a thin veil of static and noise, always just at the edge of the focus point, enough to disarm the listener without any sense of discomfort. You can downlad this first release here.