Logos – Glass

Logos‘ latest track, “Glass” features samples of broken glass and shards of amen breaks cutting its way through thin-lipped pads and the absent-minded percussive beats that join the fray on occasion on the cusp of a sub-bass drawl. It’s the title track for the second instalment of Mumdance‘s Different Circles label and proliferates the weightless grime the label has been peddling since its inception.The Shapednoise remix of the Glass delivers the track into the stratosphere of noise and as layers of the device suppress the original composition under a fuzzy haze of broken signals and windswept bass rumbles. The remix is certainly an obscure perspective on the grime-focussed track, but its actually the flip side of the 12″ that takes us completely by surprise. No Skyline and Savanna Overlord a are two beguilingly cinematic tracks that sweep over the listener like Brian Eno on his best days. The emphasis on the sustaining sub-bass kick, which is where much of the appeal in the weightless grime lies, is patently missing on No Skyline and only creeps up infrequently on Savvan Overlord, never distracting from the appealing soundscapes Logos creates through a mere few layers of pads and background samples. It’s beautifully serene, and something we did witness first on Cold Mission, but still something quite unusual for the sake of an EP. Logos’ Glass  stays very true to the multi-platform ideas behind Different Circles and keeps its audience locked in with its eccentric deliveries.