Lurka – Partials / Mach

Partials sets the tone for this two track affair with indecisively pitched metallic tones competing with an unsteady beat to find its feet in moments of manipulated chaos. Lurka’s latest 12″for Black Acre brims with this type of eccentricity, making club music with its concepts firmly based in innovation. The opening track engages on many different levels with the listener as it’s beat-focussed arrangements include a healthy dose of mature experimentation. It’s something carried through on Mach, a stripped down composition that plays in the same tonal range of the flip side, with a shuffling two step beat only ceasing for a moment at the halfway mark. The tones Lurka plays in for this 12″ holds most of its appeal in its adventures disposition next to the skewed funk beats. They are harsh digital manifestations that sit awkwardly in their own skin, often feeding back in some horrible moment of disgust at its own reflections. This cumbersome effect gives the robotic music a very human disposition. Unfortunately there’s no stream of any of the tracks at the time of publication so you’ll just have to take our word for it this time.