M.K.R. – Unfolding Spaces

Unfolding Spaces  is the latest release from the vaults of Rome’s artistic collective, Stochastic Resonance. The release sees M.K.R. delve into ideas behind “‘shareable multi-properties in the multi-personalities of the individual’, in which the expression of an original concept is recovered, blended, revisited, personalised and finally re-proposed.” The artist interprets this idea in 9 original tracks, with many of them getting the remix treatment form other artists working within the art collective, most notably Kolmit, who brought us Chain Session earlier this year. Unfolding Spaces flourishes in the minimal landscapes of  barely audible clicks and languishing tones, often presented in music for an abstracted idea of dance music. Thinly veiled synthesised tones shrouded in mystery flourish in the domain of the down-tempo arrangements, where they can often be heard in their ‘re-proposed’ state, a new version of themselves re-interpreted by the artist. They get out of shape, malfunctioning and skew timelines of the songs as the artist manipulates them. They are often accompanied by the re-appropriated sample, taking on a new role within the purpose of a song. Aspetta Allora is at its most impressive in this regard, as the human voice fills the role of percussive instrument. Along with Pigmachine and Phobie, Aspetta Alorra is also the most defined dance track on the album, with a clear percussive flow taking the form of body music from a pensive point of view. But with the emphasis still on obscure electronics, the music onveys more of an experimental aptitude than an accessible one. The remixes take care of this aspect at times as they interpret Unfolding Spaces from their concise point of view, determined to emphasise the dimensions they find endearing. They play an important role within the context of the album as they might highlight peculiarities that we’ve missed on the original, but ultimately they don’t deflect from the majesty of the M.K.R.‘s engaging archetypes.