Magaret Dygas and Thomas Fehlmann remix AMBIQ

As part of arjunamusic’s continuing efforts to bring the world of electro-acoustic music to the club environment, two more tracks from AMBIQ’s album AMBIQ 2 have been given the remix treatment. Following  Ricardo Villalobos’ and Tobias Freund’s interpretations comes two new remixes from Thomas Fehlmann & Margaret Dygas on maxi 12″. The two German producers make AMBIQ’s ethereal sonic explorations their own, and export their cinematic soundscape to the dance floor for this release. While Fehlmann turns to a regular beat to anchor the ambience of the original, Dygas, manipulates and contorts the recalcitrant sonic arrangements around an irregular beat. Her own eclectic tastes form a prominent bond between the dance floor and the more marginal aspects of electronic music. AMBIQ the Berliner instrumental trio of Max Loderbauer, Claudio Puntin and Samuel Rohrer, is a malleable canvas whose music is able to bridge the gap between the avant garde in electronic music and its more functional cousin. The release is out the 4th of March and you can stream a couple of snippets below.