Manni Dee – Human Image

Newly founded Dutch label Leyla’s first impression in Techno is a formidable one with Manni Dee at the helm. It brings Dee’s unique touch to the fast-paced world of hard Techno with BPM’s bridging the 130 mark and a 4/4 kick relentlessly quantised like a metronome. Human Image is not exactly Manni’s first explorations in this area of Techno with the producer venturing into this territory before on his own, and with the like of Happa as part of Habits of Hate. But never before have the results been so well executed. Like so many of his peers he doesn’t rely on the effectiveness of the big kick, but rather works in layers, bringing a cerebral dimension to the functionalism of the music. At its most impressive, his dub-influences makes an appearance on Pascal’s Gambit and negates the strict parameters of the 4/4 kick for a well-defined groove, but even in the strict parameters set out by the Techno genre, Dee still makes it his own. It’s all presented in a melancholic voice running through the release, as straining synths and industrialised tones create an oppressive landscape for the listener to wade in. Everything In Human Image seems premeditated, to offer the most in this regard, and while the press release throws the word uncompromising in the pot I would have to add its the quiet confidence behind the uncompromising attitude that makes it work so well on this occasion.