Marco Vella – Why

A lazy kick drum and snare percussion boom with the delicacy of an eighties gated reverb, while it saunters off in between synthesisers, dripping with the sweltering heat of analogue circuitry. Why is the first single from Marco Vella’s Shadow Mountain, in which the Australian musician has teamed up with visual artist Kyle Jorgensen to deliver a multimedia release. The label, Average Negative calls it “(p)art musical project, part art book” and declares  “it explores the synergy between Vella’s sounds and Jorgensen’s visuals – a marriage consummated by the ubiquitous resonance of sentimental feeling that pervades the entire body of work.” Why can only be enjoyed in its oratory form for the moment, with Marco’s deep exotic vocals contemplating the age old question of, Why? The down-tempo nature of the track suits the Australian’s reflective vocals perfectly, and one gets the sense that at the heart of the lyrics is a rhetorical question he’ hardly has time for in his unwinding state.