Mason Sky – Incline / Wallflower

Maison Sky breathe some life into the regimental parameters of House, with a beat that grooves and melodic phrases that tug at a some abstract feeling the production duo aren’t able to put into words. Ben Westbeech’s Naked Naked label plays a natural host to this release with three tracks that loiter around the deeper elements of House, dressed in modulating waves of bass and Rhodes pianos. Everything about Mason Sky’s productions are airy as they flourish in restrained BPMs, where the compositions open a magical door to a wall of colourful compositions. There’s is a sound infected with soul, with a the chordal phrasing and harmonic movement taking the listener on a journey to some obscure idea of an emotion. While Incline sets the mood, Wallflower makes the lasting impression with an obscured vocal sample and an effervescent percussive section catering to a dusky dance floor looking out over the city’s skyline. Maison Sky’s music makes a statement without being over-powering, and as you spin it back to listen to it again, the rich textures really do reveal something new each time, but rarely deflect from that initial feeling they instil.