Mind Against & Somme – Vertere

An intensely moody noise intermittently blows over a broken digital anomaly that pulsates in the empty spaces between the steady kick, setting the scene for some otherworldly visitor, who communicates in the foreign tones of a Moog synthesiser. Vertere starts its life in the progressive house kicks and dub percussive arrangements that ensure the functional is accounted for, while several synths programmed in a computer language rather than a musical dialect bring an understandable expression to the 12″. Life and Death mainstay Mind Against joins forces with newcomer Somme to deliver a sizeable impact on the label’s already outstanding 2015 catalogue. Tobias is on the flip with a remix, that avoids much of the impressive synth work of the original in favour of focussing on the moody aspect of Vertere, counterpointed by the incessant sequential synth running parallel to the beat. There’s a continuous thread that’s been running through Life and Death and since Woo York’s release from February and in the light of this latest release, its become very distinct as something that dwells in the shadows of the mysterious with focus on melody and progression at its electronic heart. Vertere keeps us tuned in to that ideal.