Northern Electronics primes new compilation

Hear two cuts from the double compilation Scandinavian Swords IIII: Atlas of Visions

A mammoth 40-track package has been teased today from Swedish electronic music giant, Northern Electronics. 3 LPs and 3 Cassettes makes up a package that “showcases an array of the label’s confidants and components” featuring exclusive music from E-Saggila, Puce Mary, Evigt Mörker, Korridor, Ecco2k, Soho Rezanejad, Thoom, The Empire Line, and a collaborative track from Varg2TM & VTSS, and much more.

As well as contributions from label heads, Anthony Linell and Jonas Rönnberg (aka Varg2TM), the compilation features new tracks from The Empire Line and Thoom which they are streaming today via soundcloud and Spotify.

A blistering Trance construction finds The Empire Line evoking late nineties rave anthems on Træt av lagen, træt av Systembolaget in the stark rasping beat arrangements of modern Techno. A wheezing synth barks out a melody between thuderous kick drums and creaking atmospheres.

According to the press release the compilation goes from “club-focused sounds” before it “narrows in on more abstract experimental tones” across the cassettes, where Thoom’s This Cowardice of mine floats in aloof vocal abstraction. A stuttering sawtooth synththesiser creates a bed of harmony from which a droning and wispy vocals create haunting passages of melodies.

The compilation is out on the 15th of May.