Premiere: Elijah Simmons – Migdal David (Tower Of David Mix)

The slow, steady pulse of a four on the floor kick lightly punctures the air while a bass-heavy fog moves in, dragging  the incandescent chatter of a bumbling sequential synthesiser behind it.  Elijah Simmons creates a remarkable tension in the opening bars of Migdal David (Tower of David mix), one that builds to ecclesiastical heights before resolving into a Islamic Adhan prayer through a dusty tannoy – possibly raising a very politically loaded point. At this point the big percussive elements, piling on one after the other lends a dramatic flair to the track, one that will no doubt warrant its own religious experience on the dance floor at 2 AM.

Migdal David Tower Of David finds itself on one side of a split releases on the DC Salas- and Abstraxion-run Biologic records, a label that’s found a newfound purpose in 2016 with each release taking it from strength to strength. “We thought there were a few things we weren’t 100% happy about” said Abtsraxion in an interview with the Formant from last month. They “wanted (to) rectify these, be more precise and come back with new design, artwork, and new exciting artists and releases every month to celebrate this anniversary” and this new split release is one of those releases. Simmons says he was inspired “by a time travel to the Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem – an ancient citadel overlooking the city” for release he shares with Echonomist, and you don’t have to look very far to find these references in this track. “I had the pleasure to play there for the first time in 2014 and after that incredible experience, I really wanted to capture the intensity and mystery of it in music – spacegoats and dervishes aside.” The artist certainly accomplishes that air of mystery and drama on this track, and has given us the opportunity to premiere it here today.