Prequel Tapes remix Fink’s Fall Into The Light – Stream

Fink’s collection of reworked material, presented as Horizontalism saw the trio delve into dubby electronics and processed guitars, with Fin Greenall’s voice often making an appearance in he murky landscapes of the arrangements. The first cut of the album  Fall into Light has been given the remix treatment with Magarat Dygas, Deadbeat and Prequel Tapes taking on the duties for the release. We can now stream Prequel Tapes’ interpretation of Fall Into the Light ahead of its release date, June the 1st. The Russian producer takes Fink’s original and morphs it into a droning electronic sludge, underscored by a pulsing percussive anomaly that moves at its own accelerated pace for most part. The arrangement often disappears into the deep end of noise with distorting synthesisers and layers of omnipresent meandering tones, uncomfortably enveloping the rest of the track. It takes Fink’s original further into the realm of experimentalist electronics, one step further from the original ideas of the rework.