Presenting Cocktail Sports

A new fanzine and mix series from the Formant

I’ve become somewhat disillusioned with the nature of writing for blogs. The content-driven nature of the Internet and the role that social media plays today as a kind of selective funnel for the world wide web, has truly exhausted my patience for music writing and at times music. Everything has become over-saturated with a monotonous tone underlining the vast landscape of music.

If people aren’t making or writing about the same music, they’re making or writing about imitations that pale in comparison, foregoing the highly nuanced for the familiar and often banal. It has homogenised popular music in its various forms, and subverted any effort that strives to be different. Those artists and their music get drowned out in a sea of notifications and articles before it even has a time to exist, and regardless of how good the music is or how well an article is written, it’s almost immediately forgotten for the next headlining online media post.

As the sole entity behind the formant, a definite sideline to my day job, it is impossible to compete with and it’s something I’ve been mulling over for a while. It was with this in mind that I started putting together a fanzine, as an extension of the Formant (which will continue to post articles online), but it soon took on a life beyond the formant, and Cocktail Sports was eventually born.

Cocktail Sports started with little more than a name, a neon light in a studio I once shared with Oslo DJ and artist Øyvind Morken. When the Fanzine started taking shape, the name flickered back into life and with Øyvind’s consent, Cocktail Sports, the fanzine was the result. It was just some words on pieces of paper, and I knew I wanted more from it than a simple brochure about music, and the idea of a mix started to coalesce around it. There was only ever one DJ I would trust to inaugurate the series and Øyvind Morken answered the call with the Smooth Operator mix for Cocks#001.

It’s with great pleasure that I present Cocktail Sports, a music fanzine and mix series containing interviews reviews and essays, some of which are only exclusive to the print. It’s a fanzine that will focus its efforts on the community around me here in Oslo, Norway, but will extend to the kindred spirits around the world. I thank you for reading and listening.

*The first edition is out now with a limited 50 copies. Contact me if you would like to reserve a copy.