Recondite – Think Twice

The German producer, Recondite is back with a new 12″ via log-time affiliates and friends, Life and Death. His seminal recordings on the likes of Hotflush and Ghostly international has already established the producer securely in the annals of Tech, with a sound that loiters in the deeper spectrum of the wide-reaching genre. This release follows on from last year’s album iffy and as you’d expect the two track effort has only one objective and it’s all focussed on the dance floor. Much of the evocative expression from last year’s album is still there, but it cuts straight to point on the Think Twice and Serak. The title track establishes Recondite’s empathy for the bottom end as most of the parts take up house at low end of the spectrum with the sparkling of a distant high-hat drawing the sustained modulated synth up from those depths to join it intermittently. It creates a sweeping flow through the progressive track in an immersive way for the listener. Serak is more straight to the point as it inaugurates itself with a distinct 4/4 on the floor kick. Here a mean grating bass and a simple synthesised-brass melody moves the listener’s focus away from the lower end, without losing any of that dark and sinister personality of a Recondite track. Together these tracks make for nothing significant in the Recondite’s catalogue, but works well to fatten it up nonetheless, and familiarises us with the artist again, after last year’s album.