Room 40 revives Someone Good

On their 15th anniversary, Lawrence English has decided to revive Room 40’s Someone Good imprint. After a two year hiatus, the sub-label returns with Andrew Tuttle and Ytamo bringing us two full-length LPs in the form of Fantasy League and  MI WO respectively. The “avante-pop label”, known for their previous work with Akira Kosemura, Qua, Nikasaya, Anonymeye and Aus, will carry on the tradition of bridging the gap between high- and low-art music where folk and pop music blend effortlessly alongside the electronic expressions of a new futuristic music. The result is music that, although largely based on popular forms, hides moments of remarkable intrigue in amongst a multitude of dense layers.

Marking the return of the label, Someone Good is streaming a track from MI WO and a video for Registration taken from Fantasy League. Tuttle’s synthetic folk sees a lazy-summer night’s banjo bounce over the subtly orchestrated drones and feedback, while Ytamo’s beatific vocalisations play amongst lo-fi synthesisers and lethargically sustained piano chords. Both releases stay the course of the theme of the label that brings a bit of light-hearted fun to serious music.

Both albums will be released on the 18th of March and you can pre-order them here.