Sex Judas – Big Sex Thing

The enigmatic Sex Judas is back on Tim Paris’ Marketing Music label, with a new EP called Big Sex Thing. The aptly named title portrays the same confidence behind the fictional character we first encountered in our interview with him last year. It’s accompanied by the usual tongue-and-cheek sense of humour, brought to live, not only in the music, but also in the artwork. The colourful diorama of the sleeve has a grotesque quality to it, and as soon as Sex Judas’ voice drones over the first few syllables of ‘touch me’, he establishes his sleazy nature firmly on this new EP. The spectacle is quite a contrast to the nature of his creator, who has choreographed a live show ahead of the launch of the EP. This prominent producer on the Norwegian disco scene is expectedly still quite informed by his roots as is evident by the new EP’s title track. Funky guitars are intermittently interrupted by the loud ping of a pitched tom and the track comes together in a neat progressive disco arrangement.

It works remarkably well in the live context and the dance floor at Oslo venue Jæger can’t help but shake along to it. The same producer supplies Sex Judas’ vocals live, but the audience doesn’t seem to be too concerned with the lack of visual spectacle that the artwork supplies in this particular context; the music brings that message across effortlessly. In the live show the music morphs from these disco-infused house tracks, but very often they go into elements of techno, music with a harder edge or grittier aesthetic. It’s the same on the EP too, and we’d definitely be hard-pressed to suggest Sex Judas is just a vocalist, jamming along to some Norwegian disco tracks, a la Inspector Norse. He infects the music at every level bringing some of his southern American charm into a track like cocksucker blues. It might be a hilarious title, but it is evidently also a pragmatic one, in the second half at least. The bass guitar repeats a blues-inspired harmony while the vocal reminisces the tale of some unknown drifter floating into London. The beat however is steady and, with the harp-like ascending synth delay, establishes the blues for a modern dance floor. The seedy closing lines also suggest Sex Judas is something of an ambiguous individual when it comes to his sexual pursuits, but we’ll have to decode that one when we bump in to him next time.

Sex Judas has also enlisted the help of Arttu and Tim Paris for the remix of Big Sex Thing. While Arttu provides a dirtier beat and has restricted Sex Judas to the intermittent moan, Paris’ interpretation relies on mucking up the bass-end with a square wave, giving the music the grainy sound that the lack of Sex Judas’ vocal removes from the mix. The drops of acid motifs would make this version a perfect addition to any DJ set at peak hour. Back at the launch party, though and Sex is sweating behind his laptop. I would have liked to see some of that visual spectacle from Sex Judas’ record sleeves in the live show. The man behind Sex Judas did mention in our last interview he hopes to develop the show in to a live act including a host of new characters on stage. Perhaps there isn’t a stage big enough yet for Sex Judas, let alone an entourage. We’ll probably have to wait for that one, but until then were quite content with Sex Judas Big Sex Thing in our ears.