Steve Rachmad – Parallel Shopping

The next instalment of the Life and Death catalogue sees yet another Techno legend grace the discography of the young, but impressive label. As ever the focus on a dance floor, with the emphasis of infecting  the stark beats with some emotive intent, and its obvious why LAD turned to none other than Steve Rachmad for this release. Parallel Shopping is grounded in Rachmad’s unique Detroit-influenced sound which takes a detour on this occasion through some strained synths bleeding out over the progression in long legato tones, infecting the hard-hitting beats with some emotional colour. Elements of synth pop and spacey disco come together with fiercely modulating Theremins, while the four-to-the-floor kick keeps the course true in the spirit of a dance track.

Out in the Open is cut from the same cloth, but is also infected by something of Rachmad’s Amsterdam heritage in a trancey melodic hook that bubbles up to the surface as it runs through the ascending motif. But while that lead synth might hint at an uplifting trance disposition the track itself gets dragged down to deeper and darker territory with that menacing skipping bass line that growls through a dirty filter. The 12″ has Rachmad’s stamp all over the shift and gritty production, the kick always way in the front as elements pile on to the essential Techno core. Rachmad seems to have been given a cue card from the label, by the evocative elements he puts together especially in the title track, but the result is a Rachmad original with the lasting appeal of a future dance floor classic.