Stream a new track from Chris Abrahams’ upcoming release on Room 40

Following Memory Night from 2013, Abrahams returns to Lawrence English‘s Room 40 with an album that is said to bring together “the divergent trends in his music, creating a powerful and at times hallucinatory audio-vision”. Fluid to Influence will be the first release from the Australian-based label in 2016 and sees Room 40 going from strength to strength on the back of the previous year, which saw Erik Griswold, Chichei Hatakeyama and English himself release, and in English’ case rerelease, some of the most beautifully sincere ambient works from the last year. Chris Abrahams has preceded the release of his album with a video for Receiver taken from the album. the music is constructed from prepared piano manipulated in the electronic realm, with Chris Abrahams finding a very organic bridge between the piano and his electronic musings, reflected in the imagery that accompanies the music in this video. You can stream the video below and look out for Abrahams’ album , Fluid to Influence which is due in April.