Stream a track from Gunnar Haslam’s upcoming release for L.I.E.S

Gunnar Haslam is set to release his third album on L.I.E.S, the label that exclusively played home to his previous two albums, Mimesiak and Mirrors and Copulation. The label has shared Nonservo, a cut from the  upcoming double LP,Lebesgue Measure, set for release next month. It’s definitely an album track, with its composed form and its full-bodied personality bursting at the seems with expressive percussion and low-lying bass lines. They lay the foundation for sporadic squealing acid movements at the top end, that transport the track to the dance floor. L.I.E.S signature DIY aesthetic is quite prominent and the distorting hi-hats and droning harmonics display the kind of non-conformist attitude we’ve come to expect from the label and it’s affiliate Haslam. The off-kilter rhythms add to the intrigue of it all and it’s worth staying tuned till the end, where the track spirals off to some new unknown destination…  You can stream Nonservo below.