Stream Four Tet’s remix of a Four Tet track

It seems the London-producer Four Tet (Kieran Hebden) has some time on his hands, and has used it wisely to revisit a track from his own discography. Seesaw, which first appeared on Jamie XX’s In Colour from last year was given the remix treatment by it’s co-producer Hebden in an effort to create a more club-friendly version of the album track. Hebden manages to keep the essential ingredients of the appeal of the track, while transposing it into House through a standardised four / four beat and a  progressive form. The remix keeps the break-beat snares, but pushes Romy’s vocals towards the back and only keep the essential refrain repeating in the background, making it more of a dub mix of the original than a full-blown remix. The trance-like qualities remain however and acts as the perfect track to wind down into lower tempos. It’s a pity the producer wasn’t feeling more generous, offering us a free DL, but you can’t have everything, can you.