Stream Franklin De Costa’s next EP on Curle

One of our favourite releases from last year, came from Gavin Russom on Curle recordings and we ‘re happy to see the label has joined us again in 2016, the year of their tenth anniversary. Inaugurating the year for the label is Curle mainstay Franklin De Costa with a mighty release that will shake the most stable clubbing foundations to their core. Tentacles, pushes the boundaries of clubbing convention through three impressionist tracks that brim with idiosyncrasies in, what looks like an attempt to completely avoid the conventional. While the title track favours the subtler deeper end of the glitch in the machine, Needles and Silkworm play in its noisier parameters with sharp digital acid riffs and malfunctions accompanying wayward malevolent beats. Silkworm looks to imitating nature with the electronic squeals of a 90’s modem disappearing into artificial bird squeaks, while Needles favour a more domineering approach, featuring big percussive rhythms and a healthy dose of background noise. It’s evidently not a release to be taken lightly, and Curle recordings have given us a forewarning in streaming the entire release on its release date via their Soundcloud account. You can hear it in full below and be sure not to miss the psychedelic tie-die record in your local record shop soon.