Stream holymachines’ Yt

Arriving out of Berlin this morning is a cut from holymachines (Chris Hill) and Aquiet’s (Sven Stratmann) collaborative album Image Version. Yt drifts somewhere between the glitch music varietal of Oneothrix Point Never and the densely layered dimensions of patten. Icy digital textures squelch and squeal alongside buoyant layers of enveloping pads which often like to accentuate the higher resonances of their parts. Very little constitutes anything as familiar as a percussive or regular rhythm and we find ourselves amongst music that tends to saunter organically through the progression with form an abstract thought rather than a physical parameter.

Image Version will see Hill marry this sonic exploration with that of Stratmann’s visual aesthetic as Aquiet for the USB card format and it will be interesting to see how they get the visual and auditory experience to come together, where one is not mere accompaniment to the other. Image Version is out April 1st.