Stream Kobosil’s debut LP for Ostgut Ton

German purveyor of the darker side of dance music, Kobosil is due to release his debut LP via the venue that started it all for him as a young DJ and producer. Quoted before as saying that Berghain was the reason he wanted to make music, his music has always embodied the industrial spirit of the club while encouraging the functional element of its purpose and it comes as no surprise that his debut LP will see it’s way out through Ostgut Ton, Berghain’s channel for the recorded format. Kobosil’s last EP 91, showed us the two sides of a coin that goes between the more body orientate A-side and the droning B-side of that release, and on the surface it appears that “We Grow, You Decline” is the continuation of that principle appearing in the longer album narrative. You can stream the album in its entirety below, before it’s release date on the 29th of January.

Kobosil is the latest generation of Berghain affiliates, who alongside the likes of Etapp Kyle are taking the influence of the club and applying it to their unique position as Techno’s debutants that can go from IDM, to drone music, ambience and back to Techno. Kobosil is part of a unique generation of artists releasing music on Ostgut Ton since theirs is the first where the clubbing institution that is Berghain had such a major influence on the start of their careers and on the surface of it, this album certainly delivers this sentiment.

*Update: The LTD edition has already sold out from Ostgut Ton’s webshop – two days before it”s release.