Stream the Actress & LCO collaboration via Boiler Room

It’s no secret, that we are not a fan of the Boiler Room concept here at The Formant. We loathe the type of exclusivity they pedal and despise the one-directional communication platform they try and paw off as a social endeavour. But when they bring something like this together, there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel. Many a frustrated morning were spent in London on the morning commute, attempting to purchase tickets for some one-off avant garde performance (at the Barbican usually), only to be left with the slow turning dials of wavering internet connection, and finally nothing to show for it at the end of a long dark journey. So when Boiler Room, make a show like Actress featuring the London Contemporary Orchestra  available for all after it’s one and only performance at the Barbican, it does suggest there’s something quite significant about the platform, which is able to bring new, exciting and different music to an audience that might just be out of reach.

But this is no place for a review of Boiler Room, but rather a perch from to admire the London Contemporary Orchestra and what they do so well, alongside an artist like Actress. The footage also gives us a rather good perspective of the show amongst the musicians, and Actress very rarely steals the spotlight from behind his cloaked physiognomy, like some grand architect channeling the Wizard of Oz to some great effect. You can stream the entire show now from Boiler Room, as a repeating live stream. We would jumps on this immediately, since you never know how long these things are up for.