Stream the first cut from Tessela’s return to Poly Kicks

Tessela’s Poly Kicks label has been very tentative with it’s releases, opting for a reserved approach, which makes it all the more significant when a new record is announced. After making his mark with the label and its debut Hackney Parrot in 2013, there’s only been two other releases. While Luv Mix, the producer’s 12″ from last year didn’t have the same immediate affect of Hackney Parrot, it did see a producer and the young label maturing. That release was succeeded by Haroon Mirza’s 50 Locked Grooves this year,  a release that showed a label with a forward-thinking approach to a what constitutes a vinyl release today. And looks like we won’t have to wait long for the next release either. Poly Kicks 4, and Tessela’s latest contribution to the label is due later this month, the label firmly finding it’s feet in 2016 it seems. Off the back off these two significant releases, we hope to expect more of the same. You can stream the With Patsy, the first cut off Poly Kicks 4 below, and on first listen it very much shows Tessela continuing the strain he established with Luv Mix last year.