Stream two tracks from Upcoming Trilogy Tapes release by 4 Legs

The Trilogy Tapes, a label that went from strength to strength in 2015, has announced the next release will be from new outfit Four Legs with a stream of two tracks from the 4-track EP. Four Legs, which is a new collaborative project between Sweden’s Samo DJ and Skudge Records’ Elias, bring a raw punk aesthetic to the functional elements of House for Trilogy Tapes in these two tracks, and you’ll be sure that this will carry through the rest of the EP. While Shark is a more aggressive stance for Four Legs, Clearwater Bay, offers some room for reflection with chiming melodies and elastic bass lines swirling around the prominent snare drum. As with every other TTT release, there’s a strong sense of redefining the parameters of House music and Four Legs gives us our first taste of that m.o in 2016. You can stream the two tracks below.