Weber – Zwei

Weber’s aptly titled Zwei is the second instalment form the German-based producer on the Holger label, where his two-piece band Webermichelson have made a comfortable home for themselves. Zwei is a natural continuation from Eins, if the titles had not made this obvious, with Phillip Weber furthering his foray into the experimental sounds of

Nerkkirn – Antifuse

Nerkkirn are American musician Peter Kirn and Berlin techno veteran Nerk aka Benjamin Weiss (Tok Tok). Their latest EP, Antifuse, comes via Snork enterprises, and bends the very fabric of Techno with innovative sounds from the genre’s parallel universe, where its pre-determined sound palette has been warped in space-time travel. The duo combine their collective

Glice – 51433213

Ruben Braeken and Melle Kromhou, are two Amsterdam based musicians who have came together to remedy the nature of their other pop-informed musical projects, Katadreuffe, Apneu and Fata ‘al Moustache’ Morgana. Glice was the noisy result of adventures in the marginal and 51433213 is the first EP from the duo after their debut single, h.