Ténébre – Fonctions Décombres

Ténèbre is a french music producer, based in Seoul, Korea and his label Ténébre Audio is his exclusive vehicle for delivering a sound inspired by the frantic pace of the city he calls home. Fonctions Décombres is the fourth instalment in this vein and paints a dystopian view of a modern city from a techno-influenced palette. The destructive beats capture the ear first through Donggul (The cavern) as the percussion marches along the time-line with a heavy step, often skipping a beat in boots clouded with noise and distortion. Fonction no.3 is more adamant however stepping in line with a racy 4/4, as different elements swiftly pass by incrementally like pylons hugging a rail-road track. Ténébre shares similarities to the heavy handed techno of the Subs, which he ultimately he crafts it in his own way, calling influences from outside of the strict confines of the Techno genre. A heavy interpretation of acid punches a machine-like hole through the production, while tracks like Smart City thus have more of an organic nature to them as sweeping synths float above the regimentally unrelenting beats. These elements come together in something that was defined by a busy city, which we’ll leave  up to the artist to expound on further. “The walls of the city have become so high that my eyes no longer see the sun. Yet there must be something left, among the rubble, beneath the layers of asphalt, underground somewhere: the caves of our glory that clog, in the meanders. Unless nothing remains…”