Three Fourths Tigers – Indoor Voice

Arriving at us today via Field Hymns out of Portland is a new tape by Ryan Mulhall’s Three Fourths Tigers project. Indoor Voice is an obscure electronica tape that breathes life into the collage of everyday life and finds the most musical elements in the most obscure places. Mulhall shows us that even a telephone dialling tone can be as sweet as a lush synthesised pad. Indoor Voice is a diorama made up various different scenes creating a backdrop of sensational sonic environments rather than forging ahead in anything as defined as a composition or a song. The different synthesised parts lazily loiter around a simple theme or unprogressive harmonic phrase, music that never assumes anything and keeps expectations at the lowest common denominator. A d.i.y aesthetic prevails for much of the music on the release, with thin wheezy synthesisers making much of the noise while simple processing effects fill in the air around the tracks. A babbling brook, gregorian chants and references to 8-bit video all have a place here and together they create charming soundscapes for the listener to obsess over. They offer very little more than their immediate effect, and there’s a constant feeling of unease lurking at the back of your mind. A felling that we are standing still in the way we trundle through everyday life.