Trulz & Robin – Agent Acid

Trulz & Robin have recently spliced their combined eclectic personality into discrete parts that venture into the different elements of electronic music that make up Trulz & Robin. From Disco to Electro, the duo are releasing a bulk of music that explores the extremes of their personalities. Cymawax plays host to T&R’s, Techno and Acid Jekyll on their latest release. Agent Acid finds the Norwegian duo approaching the 303-sound with new vigour opting for a reserved approach on tracks built on a minimalists foundation. The acid motif drips with the subtle insinuation of sweltering heat as delays and reverb pile on to round off the edges of the harsh little instrument in an effort to let the beat come through clearly and defined. A vocal often joins in the fray, building on the foundation through more delays and noise, before breaking everything down again to the fundamental appeal of the 303 and the beat. The A-side is rounded off by I Disappear, a track that deals in similar aesthetics to its lead, with Brokkoli adding a vocalised dimension that bears some similarities to Simian Mobile Disco in their Hustler heyday, and gives the track a friendly approachable feel in the murky background of the acid foundation.

And like the Jeckyl and Hide personality of Trulz and Robin’s music, the B-side is the night to the A-side’s day. The flip is forged in darker corners with Magnetisk Smultering and My Body delving into menacing underbelly of Techno as the 303-sound dives in the deeper end, appropriating a grittier bass sound working alongside the rambling percussive parts. Magnetisk Smultering smooths things out from time to time with a pad, while My Body prefers an obscure vocal sample drifting in and out with the beat. The EP is stuffed with dance floor potential as each track brings something different to the table, all anchored by the definitive sound of acid coursing through the release. Agent Acid is as effective as it is infective, with Trulz and Robin’s Techno acid adventures a particular hit for this listener.