Truss – Kymin Lea

Truss is back with a new EP, his first solo work since 2012, and it heralds in a new era for Perc Trax. It inaugurates a series of releases for the label where the visual aspect and sonic combine in an encompassing artistic product. The ubiquitous remixes are negated in favour of only original tracks and we are told that each release will be different from the next. Truss has brought his signature style of Techno along for this release, fraying the edges of big bottom ends and heavy kicks with distortion and reverb. The title track is a restrained affair with an airy melody lacing most of the track while various percussive elements intrudes in obvious flare inconsistently. It’s on Clawdd Du where the functional demand of the dance floor is established in true Truss style and the producer turns his attention again to the tech-noise he and contemporaries like Blawan and Shed are known for. Wyefield is the most excellent example of the producer’s style in this respect, and relies on a grimey acid riff to counterpoint the relentless Tech percussion.