Tune in: Dancing Through The 20th Century

Coming to NTS today at 2pm is the first episode of a new documentary series recounting the history of dance music from 1900 to 1999. The teaser episode which “looks at the earliest ever recordings of music made expressly for the purpose of dancing” is the first in a series that author David McNamee (Blue Tapes and X-Ray records) penned for Nesta, presented for the first time in the Radio format. “Each week, for 10 weeks, we will then examine dance music’s evolution in a chronology where we try to work out together how something that started out sounding like ragtime ended up sounding like microhouse” says David of the series that also looks to be published as a book in the very near future. Tune into NTS at 2pm and keep your eyes on the Formant  for a possible feature about the show.