Unknown – Blank 001

Full Pupp is nothing if not consistent. Prince Thomas and co have been busy these past few months, with a stream of new music from label affiliates and the man himself, continuing to spread the Gospel of Disco in the cold metallic sounds forged from Oslo’s extensive House scene. Local record stores are inundated, with leaning piles of Full Pupp, Rett i Fletta and Prins Thomas records, towers of EPs, singles and LPs toppling over under the strain of this fertile little label.

Celebrating 15 years of the label this year, there has been a flurry of activity from the Full Pupp franchise, and if it’s not enough,Thomas has decided to add another label to his franchise of records in the form of Blank. The first record finds an unknown artist behind two remixes by Fango and Øyvind Morken to inaugurate the new concept, which takes Full Pupp’s charming disposition towards the realm of a DJ tool for the first time. 

Fango’s rendition of Feel the Love upholds the strong Norwegian proclivity for Disco traditions, as stabs of strings pierce arrangements emboldened by angelic choirs, between a forceful bass and kick rhythm section. Harnessing the power of high-energy records from the seventies in the downtempo region of the modern dance floor, there is a lot of weight behind this big-room aspirant. Øyvind Morken quells that power on the B-side and brings that usual off-kilter flair to his production with wayward synthesisers scrambling to find some root note, between the ever-expanding polyrhythmic percussion. Chirping voices transport us to the jungle from the dance floor, where Morken commands a choir of synthetic apes to the time of an 808 kick drum. 

It’s not breaking any molds for the Full Pupp franchise, but together Øyvind Morken and Fango have ushered in something that could be developed with a more concise effort, dedicated to the demands of the dance floor, while ignoring most of the proclivities of a stationary audience.